Preserving the History of Yesteryear

As a child, David Aucker grew up watching Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett shoot their way across the big screen with flintlock rifles. Every since, he has been inspired by the history of muzzleloaders. David created his first powder horn in the late 70s and his first flintlock gun in 2003 and has been perfecting his designs ever since. In fact, he shares this passion with many other enthusiasts by designing horns, flintlock guns, and other artisan works. With precise attention to detail, David takes pride and care in crafting period-authentic pieces to complement each unique persona. From stylized drawings and artwork to custom engravings, David’s designs exemplify his passion for precision and period authenticity.

More About David

18th Century Products


Beautiful, engraved salt and powder horns. Finished with 18th Century ornamentation. All crafted by David Aucker.


Inlays and carved stocks and lock plates on period accurate muzzleloaders. All crafted by Steve Pletch.

Artisan Work

Tie-tacs, knives, pendants and more! Our shop is aways turning out new items!